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By Up2DateNewsSpace , 20 / 07 / 2021 | 11:40 PM
Get to know about the different kinds of technology

Communication Technology : 

Communication is indeed rather essential in all aspects of our personal and professional life to express emotions, share information, exchange ideas and what not. Communication technology is probably one of the most common technologies being vastly used in our everyday life. Advancement in technology has enhanced the ways to communicate information from one place to another. It helps us to communicate with each other with more convenience, in less time, and with greater accuracy. Communication technology helps in transmitting data or information by using various devices like telephone, radio, television, and the internet. Businesses also utilize communication technology for facilitating the flow of knowledge and information in workplaces, promoting innovative services or products, serving consumers requests and needs, and in their decision making processes.

Construction Technology : 

Construction technology is related to the equipment and methods utilized to build both advanced and basic buildings and structures. This can include heavy engineering structures like bridges. The methods of construction use different heavy machinery and tools like tractors for land preparation, computer software to design and create a digitized version of the building or structure. These construction tools help in enhancing the operational efficiency and ensuring that the builders complete the project with minimum issues and accidents, within the specified budget and within the given deadline.

Medical Technology : 

This is the most effective and beneficial type of technology as it assists in improving and extending human life. Medical technology is a vast field in which innovation has played a significant role in sustaining human health by helping in reducing the pain and speeding up the recovery process. Developed countries around the globe have benefitted the most with the adoption of this technology in their healthcare systems. Many developing countries also have invested in modern medical technology to improve the health of their populations. It comprises areas like pharmaceuticals and biotechnology to utilize the best possible medical equipment for researching, diagnosing and treating diseases and infections. From small innovations like ankle braces and bandages to advanced technologies like artificial organs and MRI machines – technology has indeed made an unbelievable impact on the field of medicine.

Architecture Technology : 

This type of technology is the application of modern technology for designing buildings. Architecture technology is the component of building and architecture engineering and is often referred to as its sub-category or distinct discipline. New technologies and materials generated new construction methods and design challenges throughout the building’s evolution. Architecture technology spans engineering, building science, and architecture and is practiced by building/architectural engineers, structural engineers, architectural technologists, and architects, as well as others developing concepts or design in buildable reality. It helps with various elements of buildings, including smart windows and elevators. There are many types of software for architects.

Business Technology : 

Business technology is the application of information, engineering, data and science for businesses related purposes like achieving organizational and economic goals. This technology helps in the proper and systematic running of businesses and for enhancing different business functions and operations. This typically includes a mixture of hardware and software. Small businesses utilize technology to establish innovative ways of competing with established businesses and to generate new leads. Technology helps even home businesses to be perceived as a big company which helps that business to gain a competitive position in the market. It is a technology which is integrated into the business operation directly. 

Educational Technology : 

Educational technology aims at enhancing the performance of students by managing and establishing different technological resources and processes in a classroom or any learning environment. The technologically advanced academic discipline prepares students to attain deeper knowledge and understanding of subjects. It assists the students in learning ways of devising solutions to problems with the help of research, utilization of information, evaluation, and design. Educational technology creates a learning environment that aids in improving ways of learning. It helps in motivating students and encouraging individual learning. It provides easier access to educational materials and helps students in learning new languages and subjects through gamification.

Information Technology : 

This technology comprises a set of software and hardware tools utilized to process, transfer and store information. These tools of information technology provide the right individuals with accurate and updated information at the right time. Knowledge works in businesses utilize information technology to successfully complete different tasks, including enhancing customer service, transferring the right information that helps with the decision making process of the organization and more. This information age has made it essential to manage systems of information for ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Major financial institutions like banks utilize information technology for operating their business process and to provide high-quality customer service.

Space Technology : 

This technology is developed by the aerospace industry or space science to utilize in space exploration, satellites, and spaceflights. It is used to commercialize or explore space like communication satellites and spacecraft. Space technology includes space stations, satellites, spacecraft, and support procedures, equipment, and infrastructure. Space is a novel environment due to which working in it requires special techniques and tools. Numerous daily services including satellite television, GPS systems, remote sensing, weather forecasting, and other long-distance communications rely critically on space infrastructure. Other sciences like earth science and astronomy also benefit from space technology. Innovative technologies that accelerate by or originate with space-related activities and accomplishments are typically later utilized by other economic endeavors.

Artificial Intelligence : 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also called machine intelligence. It is the intelligence the machines demonstrate, contrasting to the natural intelligence demonstrated by animals and humans. According to computer science, artificial intelligence research is known as intelligent agents study. A device perceiving its environment and taking action which maximizes its chances of attaining its goals successfully can be referred to as artificial intelligence. The core element of artificial intelligence is knowledge engineering. Machines can react and act like humans when they have sufficient information about the world. Artificial intelligence needs to have access to properties, categories, objects, and relations among them for implementing knowledge engineering.

Robotics Technology : 

It is the utilization of machines, construction, operation, and designing robots for performing tasks that were done by humans. It also uses different computer systems for information processing, sensory feedback and to control. The technologies in this field are utilized to create machines that can replicate the actions of humans and can be used as their substitute. Robots need intelligence to tackle tasks like object navigation and manipulation, as well as mapping, motion planning, and localization. Robots are widely being used in various industries like automobile manufacturers for performing repetitive and simple tasks, as well in industries where work is required in environments and situations that are hazardous for humans. Innovation in technology has enabled robots to have senses equivalent to humans like sensing temperature, touch, and vision. Some advanced robots are able to make a simple decision. Research is now being geared towards creating robots with a certain level of self-sufficiency, which will allow decision-making ability and mobility in an unstructured environment.

Agriculture Technology : 

This technology refers to the technologies for machine production that are utilized on a farm. Agricultural pieces of machinery are created for almost all stages of the farming and other agricultural processes. This includes machines for packaging and sorting products, feeding livestock, threshing grain, harvesting crops, protecting crops from weeds and pests, cultivating crops, land irrigation, seed plantation, and soil tilling. This technology is amongst the most impactful and revolutionary types of modern technology which is derived from the basic need for food for a constantly growing population. These machines created with the help of advanced technology have significantly enhanced the output of farms and massively altered the way individuals produce food and are employed in the agricultural sector all over the world. The individuals that are trained to make agricultural structures, equipment, and machinery are called agricultural engineers. Mechanized agriculture currently also includes the usage of helicopters and airplanes.

Assistive Technology : 

This technology is utilized by individuals with disabilities to assist them in performing certain tasks that are impossible or difficult for them to perform. Assistive technology is currently being utilized in numerous ways. With the advancement of technology, assistive tools and applications have made it possible and easier for individuals with disabilities to perform various tasks that were otherwise not possible for them to accomplish.

Operation Technology : 

This technology is a category of software and hardware which controls and monitors the ways in which the physical devices perform. Operation technology came as a result of long phases of evolution. Operation technology was primarily utilized in industrial control systems for utilities, transportation, and manufacturing – in contrast to information technology; the technologies that managed the operations in these industries were not networked. However, in today’s world, those physical devices have evolved with the help of technological advancements. Wireless technology has given administrators and managers of operational technology enhanced monitoring systems, as well as the capability of remotely controlling the physical devices. Advancement in machine learning and machine-to-machine communication has led to significant systemic transformation. This has provided the opportunity to analyze the data produced by physical devices in real time to enhance uptime, improve autonomy, and enable preventive maintenance.

Entertainment Technology : 

Entertainment technology is the utilization of modern technology to create or enhance the entertainment experience. The entertainment industry is too vast and individuals want to be entertained in their own way. Modern technology has been utilized to create musical systems, video games and more to keep individuals entertained.